Welcome to Diamond Creek Calisthenics Club

Established in 1970, Diamond Creek Calisthenics Club is a non-profit, committee-run club whose main aim is to promote calisthenics to pupils aged 3 to adult. The club is located in the north eastern outer suburbs of Melbourne, encompassing Diamond Creek, Hurstbridge, Wattle Glen, Eltham, Research, Greensborough, Plenty, Doreen, St Helena, Yarrambat, Kangaroo Ground, Montmorency and Nutfield and is a member of Calisthenics Victoria.

At Diamond Creek Calisthenics, whilst being a competitive club with all sections competing throughout the year in a number of competitions, we have a strong focus on having fun. We also pride ourselves on our ability to cater for all ages and levels of ability and encouraging pupils to reach their individual full potential.

We aim to be competitive and give it our best shot every time we perform, but we are not driven by ambition to win at all costs - we are driven by a respect for each other and an underlying enjoyment of getting together, working together, learning together and having fun together.


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